Marketing Tips! - August 2014

As the weather gets warmer, sales and business in general slow down. However, the summer is no time to stop your advertising because things are slow (actually the contrary is true!)

Here are some tips on how to keep your advertising hot this summer, and keep you ready for the pick up in the fall.

1) Take Advantage of Less Competition.

Times are tough for everyone. Companies are looking for anyway possible to save a penny or two. Many companies opt for cutting advertising campaigns all together. The summer is an especially popular time to stop advertising. However, the summer is the perfect time for you to increase your advertising. You will undoubtedly be surrounded by less competition during the summer months than any other time. That is a very good thing.

2) Offer Summer Specials.

Use creative give-aways or contests to get people interested in your products or services. Here are a couple examples: “Receive a free beach towel with purchase.” “With every $100 you spend, receive an entry to win a two night get-away to Catalina Island.” Be creative. Remember money is tight, so make sure that your offer gets their attention.

3) Take Advantage of "Retail" Holidays.

If you don’t have a great imagination and are having a hard time custom fitting a holiday to meet your needs… try looking at an international calendar of holidays. For example, did you know that July is Anti-Boredom Month? Or that the second week of August is Elvis Week? Use fun facts like this to come up with an appropriate summer campaign. Thank you, thank you very much!

4) Get Ready For Fall.

Keep busy this summer. I don’t mean that you shouldn’t enjoy a family vacation or a relaxing get-away, I just think that slower summer months are a great time to get things done. Take advantage of down time to think ahead. What do you have planned for fall? Think outside of the box to figure out how you can benefit students going back school? How can you help people with the changing weather? Use this time to get ready make a big come back in fall.

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