Marketing Tips! - May 2009
How To Save Money on Newspaper Advertising

Today everyone is looking to save money and in almost anyway they can. Cutting advertising altogether may alleviate your budget in the short term, but will your business survive with no new business generated? Instead of ducking out, look for ways to save on advertising.

Here are a few insider tips on how to save money on your newspaper advertising.
1) Community Target Program™

Discount newspaper advertising is our specialty. We have been saving our clients money on proprietary newspaper ad campaigns for over 10 years and would love the opportunity to help you as well. Whether you are looking to reach your local, statewide or even a national audience, we can help. You can reach literally millions of consumers with just one phone call. What are you waiting for? Call now! (800) 789-1339.

2) Frequency

Taking advantage of frequency discounts is probably the easiest way to save money on newspaper advertising. This easy way to save also offers an additional bonus; running often increases your chances of producing a profitable newspaper campaign. It is like a two for one! 

3) Stand-by Offers

Stand-by offers (also called Remnant Space offers) are a proactive way to save money on newspaper advertising. However, you have to be flexible. The newspaper may not be able to place the ad right away, so generally the larger the time window you can agree to, the less expensive the ad will be. (It may be best to work with an experienced advertising agency when deciding to take advantage of stand-by space. Dealing with newspapers can be a tough, time consuming job!)

4) Test Ads

Testing allows you to decide which campaigns are going to be the most profitable for you. The easiest way to test your ads is to include some sort of tracking device in your ad. This can be anything from a specific 800 number, to an unique promo code. One client even made up a name for each ad he placed. So, when people called for Mr. Smith, he knew they were calling from the California run. Testing helps you make the most of your advertising budget.

5) Spot Color

Spot color is the cheaper alternative to full process, 4 color ads. Full color is great for photos, however, most ads will significantly benefit from the addition of just one color. Spot color can be used to highlight the headline, draw attention to the main message, or just add overall pizzazz to spice up your ad.

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